“It is impossible to prevent aging but it can be made optimal.”

Galen (129-199 AC)

Aesthetic Dermatology

Aesthetics, elegance and beauty are all subjective concepts and can vary according to each season, every society and culture.

It was in Ancient Greece that the golden rule of symmetry, harmony and beauty was firstly introduced. This rule applies until today and specifies what is aesthetically acceptable in architecture, art and cosmetology. It is this theory that we seek to implement in any aesthetic procedure we provide, if not perfectly, at least with as little deviation as possible.

The natural, simple and harmonious result, without exaggerations and paraphrases, must be the threshold which we must not overcome in any medical act of aesthetic interest.. Before every aesthetic intervention each one of us imagines a new self, which is sometimes feasibly approachable and sometimes not. The physician must understand the needs and expectations of every person concerned and should use his expertise to direct him to an aesthetically acceptable result avoiding excesses and creating false expectations.   The best of our self is the one that comes out from our mentality and personality, which always occupies if not the first, the most essential aspect of our selves.