Mesotherapy aims to enrich the middle layer of the skin with raw materials for its proper functioning. This treatment is injectable so that the used liquid material (serum) is placed in the appropriate depth, thus ensuring maximum efficiency.

In order for this treatment to be fast and painless, the physician uses a specialized equipment with a syringe electronic blower (mesotherapy gun), containing the mesotherapy mixture. In this way, in every injection, the same amount of mixture is being administered in the exact same depth of the skin.

Face Mesotherapy

Τhe standard protocol of facial treatment is 4 sessions every two weeks, followed by maintenance treatment with 2 additional treatments per month.Its aim is the skin’s hydration and enrichment with antioxidants substances and other substances that stimulate collagen synthesis.

Body Mesotherapy (abdomen, buttocks, thighs)

8 to 10 treatments are required every 10 days. Its aim is to reduce cellulite through fat burning and firm the area subjected to treatment.